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We also offer you a distinct advantage: a unique set of research services you won't find anywhere else.

Everything we do, including expansion of our services by developing innovative new tools, is designed to give you a better understanding of what your brand needs to help spark success.

We want to provide you with deeper insights that you can really use.

FFR eTalk™

Our convenient, Web-enabled qualitative research tool provides
quick turnaround and reliable,
cost-effective research solutions.

FFR Multi-Layered Brand Impact Optimization Model

Our novel, 3-step, behavior-
based tool for maximizing brand communications includes FFReCA™, FFR BrandAlign™, and FFR BiScore™.


Our unique methodology that
provides a comprehensive assessment of product flow throughout an integrated
delivery network.


Our proprietary Web-based tool
for 24/7 client communication
and project monitoring.

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Serving pharma/biotech and healthcare product clients

Thoughtfully recommended research design, expertly executed data collection, and actionable marketing insights to spark brand success.

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