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We're a full-service market research firm.

At the beginning of the product life cycle, we can:
•   Help identify and assess need
•   Provide direction for product development
•   Determine market opportunity and potential

At this stage we've assisted clients in numerous product categories, from allergy to uterine monitoring. For example, we identified the market potential and practice fit for a new anti-substance abuse therapy, contributing to its highly successful introduction and market impact.

In preparation for the product launch stage, we can:
•   Help ensure a compelling, defensible brand positioning
•   Identify the most persuasive creative concept and messaging
•   Inform a powerful tactical plan

Our expertise in this area has consistently contributed to the effective launches and ongoing success of many brands in a number of therapeutic areas. Examples range from creative concept and message testing for a topical antifungal that had exceeded sales forecasts, to identifying the most effective programs for health plan stakeholders to engage with a pharma client's brands.

We also provide ongoing strategic insights for life cycle management. We can:
•   Identify changing customer attitudes that may signal brand fatigue
•   Help define essential parameters for a brand boosting program
•   Determine messages for successful objection handling
•   Provide guidance for brand enhancements

A few of our many contributions in this post-launch stage included helping a client develop effective detailing messages to counter a competitive launch, improving usability of packaging through human factors research, and defining the quality of life impact of a dermatologic condition to revitalize brand messaging.

During a product's sunset years, we can help:
•   Reposition the brand to extend its life and maximize profitability
•   Provide direction for line extensions to maintain or enhance market share

For example, a topical product’s patent was about to expire and we helped reposition it for continued market leadership in its class. We also helped reposition an allergy product, leading to prolonged product life and profitability. In another case, we identified the ideal configuration for a line extension of a mature hospital product to grow the market share.

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